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Allegiance of Rock plays two shows in Norway!

October 20 - Grimstad Rock Fest
October 21 - Gjerdrum Rocktober Festival - Uli John Roth + Allegiance Of Rock

(Photo credit: Christophe Pauly -Gus G Gilles Simon - John Leven, Ronnie: Yamamoto Taki)



The new album " A New World Arise" out on september 22, 2017.




REACH Reach is changing the team constellation – and becomes a power trio!

Ludvig Turner is already known nationally for his singing ability taking part in the TV show Idol 2014,
so it felt naturally that he picked up the singing as well and playing the guitar,
backed by Marcus Johansson on the drums and the new guy Soufian Ma'Aoui on bass.

The band just finnished the recordings for the new album.

Stay tuned and visit the bands FB or other social media for news.


Allegiance Of Rock

Welcomes the new member Ronnie Romero(Rainbow / Lords Of Black) on vocals.



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The video of the week - Glenn Hughes - Why Don't You Stay .



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