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We carry on Marcel Jacob's legacy with releasing all Talisman albums. Marcel left us july 21, 2009 way to early.
We keep his spirit and music alive by releasing the Talisman albums.

In 2012 we started to re-release the albums in complete new re-worked digipack packaging and artwork. Including new
audio material, linear notes, pics and personal notes from Jeff Scott Soto.
The albums and releases are authorized directly with Marcel Jacob's Estate, family members and former band members.

You will find the albums available in all streaming, download portals as well as physical CD & Vinyl.


(Click on the album artwork below to get more info on each album release.)


At an early age, Marcel Jacob discovered that he possessed the talent for playing guitar, bass and writing songs.

Marcel started his musical career playing together with Yngwie Malmsteen and in a band called FORCE; (which would
later become EUROPE). with Force, he co-wrote the songs "The King Will Return" and "Scream Of Anger" with
JOEY TEMPEST, the later which would remain a live favourite amongst Europe fans and that the band continue to
perform live even today.

Marcel recorded the album "MARCHING OUT" with Yngwie and remained for 2 world tours from 1984-86. Difficulties with management forced him to quit and head back to Sweden.

In autumn of 86, guitarist John Norum departed from the band Europe and was looking for members to complete his solo
band. Marcel joined and started writing songs for Norum's first release "TOTAL CONTROL".

After a successful album and tour, the idea was to get started on a new album for Norum but after some disagreement
on direction, Jacob decided to record his own album with the working title "GUITARS ON FIRE". Göran Edman, the
singer with Norum at the time, sang on the original demos.
Edman decided he would remain with Norum and through conflict of interest, wasn't able to continue working with Jacob.

Shortly after Edman could nor pursue the recordings Marcel then met Christer Wedin, who worked for the record label
Electra, and was convinced Marcel's new project was worth looking into.

With a deal now in place, a vocalist was needed to secure the direction of the songs. On a whim Marcel contacted Jeff Scott Soto in the US who was with him in Yngwie's band years earlier. Soto was extremely interested after hearing the songs and once the songs were done and mixed, Jacob changed it from a solo project to a new moniker called the album linear notes.

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