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Originally released 1998. Album is available in all streaming, download portals.


Guitarist, Fredrik Åkesson(ex. Arch Enemy, today with OPETH) created SOUTHPAW after leaving Talisman behind.
Together with Europe bassist John Levén, singer Mats Levén, today with Candlemass and the drummer Richard Evensand
makes the unit complete.


Players: (Left to right)

Rickard Evensand: Drums.
John Levén: Bass.
Mats Levén: Vocals.
Fredrik Åkesson: Lead guitar, rhythm guitar.

Track listing:

1. Christmas
2. Thy WIll Be Done
3. The Great Unknown
4. Permanenet
5. Vertigo
6. All That I Want
7. Oh Yeah!
8. Surprise
9. Caught In The Middle
10. Holy Water
11. Spiral (Bonus)