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Night by Night a five-piece hard rock band from London, England, whose gripping sound fuses searing riffs with soaring
melodies. This cutting-edge quintet combine the best of classic and contemporary rock, boasting irresistible choruses.

NxN released their debut album in Sweden in March 2014, when they supported the swedish rockers Europe on their "Wings Over Sweden" tour. Followed by a world wide release in the summer 2014. Receiving raving reviews all over.

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Band members:

Henry Rundell : Vocals
Ben Christo: Guitars
Tom Daniel: Guitars
Jonny Thornton: Bass
Damian Diablo: Drums


With stunning 3-part vocal harmonies that charge their sound and it’s this feature that firmly distinguishes Night by Night
from the rest, all presented through a flawless production that casts a spotlight on the band’s superb musicianship.
Imagine the heavy - weight riffs and modern crunch of Alterbridge with the infectious choruses and lush vocal harmonies
of Journey, and you’re somewhere close.

“These guys are the complete package, big hooks, big melodies and shit- hot harmonies. If this is a taste of things to
come, Night by Night are assured of a bright future!’
- Paul Anthony, Planet Rock Radio

‘All the best bits of the 80s rock scene, combined with the total relevance of today.’ - Metal Hammer

‘Classic kick ass AOR by the Night Ranger of Now. Top notch.’ - Record Collector

‘A throwback to the days when melodic hard rock ruled the airwaves, there’s no mistaking the identity of Night by Night's
heroes – but the band performs with a skill and confidence that does them credit.’
- Classic Rock

Night by Night are the perfect combination of the best guitar riffs from hard rock, the melodies of AOR and the modern
sound of EMO’
- Kerrang!