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In 1990 Masqueraderecorded a promotional cassette and a single that was favorably reviewed 100/100 in the
English magazine Metal Hammer

After signing with Dino Music (Later Empire Records), in early 1991 the band started recording their self-titled album. 
The record company brought the engineer Ronny Lahti ("Europe", "Talisman") into the project for finalizing the mixing.
The album was released in 1992 to positive reviews by critics, who found the album comparable to the music of
bands like Whitesnake and Def Leppard".

After their first album tour, the band developed new material, and began recording their new album
 Surface of Pain, againtogether with Ronny Lahti as the sound and mixing engineer. Released in 1995, the album was
characterized by a heavier approach than the debut album, and gained the band exposure to an American audience.

The band then worked together on the third album Flux with Fredrik Nordström, who had achieved success
with the band Hammerfall.

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