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Players: (Left to right)
Jan Granwick: Guitars.
Benny Söderberg: Vocals, backing vocals, strings, keyboards.
John Levén: Bass.
Ian Haugland: Drums.

Clockwise a Swedish music project, formed by Benny Söderberg.

The singer and songwriter Benny Söderberg asked the musicians John Levén(bass),Ian Haugland(drums) from the
band Europe  and guitar player Jan Granvik(Glory) to play on his Clockwise project. Benny did meet John and Ian when
they were playing with Glenn Hughes and Benny's previous band Fortune opened for Glenn Hughes on his Japan tour in
1994. Jan Granwick have Benny known for years so he was also asked to play on the album.

After Benny's three albums with Fortune, Christer Wedin(At that time the Managing Director for Empire Records) and
Benny came up with this idea to make an album with all the elements that they thought a good album should have,
nice melody and good musician ship. Not just jump onto the next music scene that appears 'cause it has changed.
Together they set plans for this project. The debut album "Nostalgia" was recorded and mixed in the Sound Trade Studios
in Stockholm by Ronny Lahti who previously worked with band like Europe, Talisman and Saigon Kick.

After the successful release of Clockwise debut album "Nostalgia", which received raving reviews all over the world.
The second album "Naïve"
, was released and again, Benny asked his musician friends that participated on the first
album to play on this up album, but contractual reason made it impossible for guitar playe Jan Granwick to participate
on this second record. Therefor the guitar axe man Fredrik Åkesson (Talisman, Arch Enemy and today with Opeth)
was asked to play on this record.

Studio pic.


Players: (Left to right)
John Levén: Bass.
Benny Söderberg: Vocals, backing vocals, strings, keyboards.
Fredrik Åkesson: Guitars.
Ian Haugland: Drums.

Songs that catches strong melody and brilliant musical performance is Clockwise trademark and the second album
Naïve is filled with this.

Benny have also recorded demos for Clockwise third and final album, to be named "Nothing Is The Greatest Thing" .
The songs featured on this demo are "Our Roads Never Cross ","If You Change Your Mind " and "Demon In The Dim".

You can also expect the ending for the song "the tales of King Solitude" that started with part 1:3 on the first album,
continued with "the tales of King Solitude 2:3" on the second album and now to be ended with "the tales of King
Solitude 3:3"
on the 3rd album.

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